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Nash Breast Center BRAS Support Group

This week I facilitated the workshop, “Finding Comfort Through Journaling,” at the BRAS breast cancer support group at the Nash Breast Center in Rocky Mt., NC.

I’ve taught a number of writing classes over the past 20 years, but this one was the most meaningful. These ladies are so brave and tell such great stories!

Kayla Sarno’s Book Review of Listen. Write. Present. Does the thought of giving a presentation scare you more than dying? You're not alone. Over the years, multiple studies have shown that people fear public speaking more than death! Barton College honors student, Kayla Sarno, describes how she overcame her fear of public speaking with help from the book, Listen. Write. Present., in a Barton College honors course....

Class Presentation: Barton College Honors Student Allison Dellinger One of the most rewarding projects I've ever done was coach students a Barton College. Dr. Susan Bane invited me to teach communication, writing, and presentation skills to students in the honors course "Nature of Inquiry." What a talented group! We put them through rigorous training: videotaping and critiquing their presentations, reading and editing their work, and setting them up in mock meetings. Also during this class, George Loveland, Director of...

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