Photo courtesy of National Science Foundation

Photo courtesy of National Science Foundation

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries seem to be in a continual state of flux. In recent years, professionals in this field have come to us for continuing education to stay ahead of the marketplace and maximize their skills to improve performance. Pharmaceutical and biotech industry executives often ask for individualized training in

  • Presentation, facilitation, and interviewing skills
  • Proposal, email, and resume writing tips
  • Supervisory and persuasion skills for leading others

At the end of each session, we’ll follow up with you to make sure we have met your personal objectives. During this process, we’ll develop additional next-step programs, training modules, or individualized communication work plans to help you meet your career objectives. Our goal is to become the trusted advisor who can help you with future projects as needed.


Polishing Your Executive Writing Skills: 2 hours, every 3 months, for one year (4 sessions)
This personalized executive writing consult will teach you all the things you need to know to hone your professional documents. We’ll focus on your specific areas of need in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to make the best use of your time. You’ll learn how to build credibility and support for your ideas by writing clearly and persuasively. We’ll start by teaching you how to make more efficient use of emails and text messages. Then we’ll help you brainstorm ideas for your next proposal, report, or executive plan, and learn to use writing as a tool for critical thinking. During this one-year training process, we’ll communicate between sessions to follow up on your projects.

Individual Presentation Skills Consult: 3 sessions for 2 hours each
The greatest idea in the world has little value if it is not presented clearly, concisely, and convincingly. This personalized workshop is perfect for preparing you for your next important presentation. We’ll break up this consult into three sessions:

Session 1

  • Review the project parameters
  • Decide how to narrow the focus of the topic
  • Organize your content
  • Map out your talk and plan your slides

Session 2

  • Practice giving your presentation while being videotaped
  • Review your video recording and discuss visual and verbal skills
  • Refine your slide deck and presentation content
  • Take a videotaped download at the end of the session to review at a later date

Session 3

  • Review your personalized presentation Skill Builder
  • Give your presentation again
  • Schedule final follow up plans with the trainer

Managing Your Online Presence: 2 sessions for 2 hours each
In this writing course, we’ll focus on shaping your online presence. You will learn how to quickly draft brief, well-written pieces that will be read online. We’ll review common problems in grammar, punctuation, and formatting and share secrets of great blogs and social media posts. Plus, you’ll understand how word choice, sentence structure, document organization, and concrete examples can make your content more readable. Your coach will review your posts and create a personalized writing plan for you.

Don’t see what you need? Please contact us to discuss how we can develop a custom course for you.