Healthcare Professionals

Photo courtesy of National Science Foundation

Photo courtesy of National Science Foundation

Look around: true leaders aren’t just experts in their fields; they’re excellent communicators. They write, speak, and negotiate effectively—skills generally not taught in the science and technology curriculum.

Whether you’re presenting at an international conference, applying for an NIH grant, interviewing for a job, seeking a promotion, making a case for a bigger budget, or managing a difficult patient, client, or employee, you’ll need to communicate clearly, concisely, and confidently. All of our courses are adapted to the needs of the specific audience:

  • Physicians and Physician Assistants
  • Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
  • Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Nursing Assistants
  • Administration and Support Staff

Please contact us if you’d like to create a new, tailored workshop for your group.


Speaking for Excellence: 1-2 hours
Even the best ideas are worthless unless they are communicated effectively. This course is designed to help you learn essential skills for presenting to in any setting: in-services, Grand Rounds, patient support groups, and national and international meetings. It includes information on how to organize and deliver complex content and prepare presentations for specific purposes and audiences. You will also learn how to narrow the focus of your topic, manage anxiety, prepare for audience questions, and adapt to audiences with differing skill levels. This workshop features a slide presentation demonstrating how to design and edit slides to increase legibility and readability.

Individual Presentation Skills Consult: 30 minutes–1 hour
The greatest idea in the world has little value if it is not presented clearly, concisely, and convincingly. A private appointment with a public speaking skills coach will sharpen your presentation skills through personalized attention. This tailored workshop will give you the opportunity to

  • Practice giving your presentation
  • Receive a one-on-one consultation with a speaking coach
  • Review your visual and verbal skills on a video recording
  • Give your presentation a second time
  • Take a videotaped download at the end of the session to review at a later date
  • Receive a personalized presentation Skill Builder at the end of the session

Practicing Your Presentation Skills in a Small Group: 4 hours for 8 participants
We love to teach this workshop because we see immediate results in the participants’ skillss. In this course, we promote an open learning environment that fosters team-building. The workshop typically begins with a brief Speaking for Excellence presentation. Then each participant gives a 3-5 minute talk that is critiqued by the peers in the audience. In between each speaker, the trainer facilitates a discussion and offers additional public speaking skills strategies that apply to the entire audience. We offer a video recording option that can include individual written critiques and other follow-up.

Writing for Publication: 2-4 hours
Take your writing skills to the next level by learning to successfully create and manage varied writing projects including abstracts, posters, manuscripts, emails, letters, grant proposals, and newsletters. Learn to build credibility and support for your ideas through persuasive words, repetition, transition, and parallel construction. Identify the most common problems in grammar, punctuation, and word usage. Learn how to edit your own work and identify venues for publication including peer review journals, print media, alumni newsletters, websites, or social media.

Planning, Writing, and Presenting a Scientific Poster: 2-4 hours
In this hands-on course, you will learn the most effective methods to organize groups of information for scientific posters. Includes information on writing the abstract, developing main heads, arranging and trimming supporting text, using appropriate type sizes and background color, and adjusting the scale of text and figures for readability. You will also learn the secrets to giving brilliant five-minute presentations.

Writing for Business in the Cyber World: 2-4 hours
This writing course focuses on writing short pieces that will be read online. We’ll review common problems in grammar, punctuation, and formatting and share secrets of great blogs and social media posts. Plus, you’ll understand how word choice, sentence structure, document organization, and concrete examples can make your content more readable. Learn how to quickly pull together thoughtful and error-free blogs, emails, and social media posts. Master the Ten Steps for Editing Your Own work, and you’ll be able to start posting online immediately.

Running an Effective Meeting: 2-4 hours
This course is designed for the healthcare professional who plans, leads, or participates in meetings, such as staff reports, pharmacy and therapeutics committees, or morbidity and mortality meetings. Learn when to call a meeting, how to plan a meeting for maximum productivity, how to encourage group participation, how communicate ideas and persuade others, and how to prepare and use effective visual aids. We’ll address specific interpersonal and group communication problems and techniques, so that you can deal with differing personalities and personal agendas. One of the most popular parts of this seminar is a role play exercise where participants practice communicating with difficult meeting attendees.

Communicating for Improved Patient Relationships: 2-4 hours
This course is specifically designed to teach you how communicate more effectively with patients. You will learn to assess your personal communication style and understand ways to communicate more effectively with laymen. The trainer will facilitate an audience-based discussion of steps for communicating with patients, their families, and their caregivers. You will practice tips to improve your listening, persuasion, and observation skills. You will also learn how to deliver bad news while showing empathy and compassion.

Dealing with Angry, Upset, and Difficult People: 2-4 hours
This interactive workshop is packed with tips for dealing with negative feedback, upset people, and complainers. You’ll learn how to show others you are listening, help them resolve their problem, and communicate effectively to prevent a repeat occurrence. You’ll also learn specific techniques on how to communicate for mutual understanding, deal with disruptive people, and improve colleague relations. This course features a small group role play where participants will practice dealing with upset people.

Don’t see what you need? Please contact us to discuss how we can develop a custom course for you or your group.