Every workshop or consult we do is custom-designed, based on your needs. The following Listen workshops are courses developed for professionals like you.

Communicating for Excellence: 2-4 hours
This course will help you learn to assess your personal communication style and understand ways to communicate for mutual understanding. The trainer will facilitate an audience-based discussion of steps for dealing with abrupt, rushed, upset, and difficult people. You will practice tips to improve your listening, persuasion, and observation skills. You will learn how to collaborate with others at all levels in all types of organizations; develop creative solutions to deal with challenging people; and build confidence, credibility, and respect for your opinions.

Developing Advanced Communication Skills: 2-4 hours
This course is designed to take you to the next level in your communication skills by identifying your weak areas and setting goals to overcome them. You will learn how to facilitate solutions, reach agreements with colleagues, and prevent misunderstandings. To prioritize content, we will conduct a needs assessment survey for each member of your group and will develop learning objectives that include listening, writing, and presenting techniques. You and your colleagues will leave with a personalized, specific plan for improvement and will be given an option for a follow-up conference call or session with the trainer.

Mastering the Skill of Interviewing and Hiring Others: 2-4 hours
At some point in your career, you may be asked to help with the hiring process, whether filling a position in your department or another area. This course is designed to teach you specific goals for interviewing and finding the right person for the position: how to assimilate the job within the needs of the company, determine the skills needed, draft a job description, prepare for and conduct interviews, and make recommendations to colleagues. You will also learn how to interpret body language and interview answers to determine the best candidate for the position. This course features a role play exercise where you and your peers will develop interview questions, as well as practice interviewing skills.

Blending Business Etiquette with Interpersonal Communication Skills: 2-4 hours
Simply put, business etiquette is all about making others feel at ease. Learn to hone your business etiquette knowledge and interpersonal communication skills with specific, easy-to-implement tips. In this interactive course, we’ll blend the two areas to show that many of the American customs we use for hosting and dining correlate to good business practice. You will learn tricks for remembering table manners (seating, settings, eating), greetings (handshakes, introductions, conversation starters), and hosting duties (wait staff, wine, paying). You’ll also learn quick, relevant tips on eye contact, body language, and small group conversation skills. This class is a must for anyone who does “business over lunch.”

Preparing CVs / Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interview Skills: 2-4 hours
This workshop combines listening, writing, and presentation skills techniques for presenting your career accomplishments in the most effective way. You will learn how to present your education, training, and experience in curriculum vitae, resumes, cover letters, personal statements, and interviews; how to discriminate between essential and less important information; and how to present your experience in effective and memorable ways. Bring writing samples and job descriptions, and we will teach you how to edit your own work and plan your next steps. You will also learn tips on how to make typography, layout, organization, writing style, and body language work to your advantage.

Dealing with Difficult People and Resolving Conflict: 2-4 hours
This interactive workshop is designed to help you resolve conflict through more effective communication. The focus is on recognizing conflict as an opportunity and learning the communication skills needed to take advantage of this opportunity. You will learn to see the positive side of conflict, develop careful listening skills, control emotions, focus on the future, and manage conflict in public. You’ll also learn specific techniques on how to communicate for mutual understanding, deal with difficult people, and diffuse upset people.

Negotiating to Get What You Want: 2-4 hours
We all negotiate every day—whether we’re discussing what to eat for supper with our families or deciding next steps of a group project. The key to negotiation success is understanding not only how to communicate with others, but also what is important to the opposing side. In this workshop, you’ll learn specific skills to become a more persuasive communicator; techniques for communicating emotionally-driven, complex, or conflicting information; and tips on how to interpret the opposing party’s viewpoint. This course features an entertaining role play exercise where you will learn crucial listening and persuasive presentation skills that will change the way you do business.

Developing Your Supervisory and Management Skills: 2-4 hours
Many successful science and technology professionals suddenly find themselves in supervisory positions without the necessary skills or training to do an effective job. This lack of training is frustrating for everyone: the newly–promoted supervisor, his or her manager, and the direct reports. The goal of this workshop is to give you the tools you need to communicate with a diverse team. You’ll learn how to organize and deliver an employee evaluation, give productive feedback, and document employee conversations. You will learn the most important skills needed whether listening, writing, or presenting to become a more effective people or project manager. You will also learn specific communication tips for running meetings, delivering bad news, and dealing with difficult or upset people.

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