Every workshop or consult we do is custom-designed, based on your needs. The following Present workshops are some of the most popular courses we teach.

Speaking for Excellence: 1-2 hours
Even the best ideas are worthless unless they are communicated effectively. This course is designed to help you learn essential skills for presenting in any setting. It includes information on how to organize and deliver complex content and prepare presentations for specific purposes and audiences. You will also learn how to manage anxiety and prepare for audience questions. It features a slide presentation demonstrating how to design and edit slides to increase legibility and readability.

One-on-One Presentation Skills Training: 30 minutes–1 hour
The greatest idea in the world has little value if it is not presented clearly, concisely, and convincingly. A private appointment with a public speaking skills coach will sharpen your presentation skills through personalized attention. This tailored workshop will give you the opportunity to

  • Practice giving your presentation
  • Receive a one-on-one consultation with a speaking coach
  • Review your visual and verbal skills on a video recording
  • Give your presentation a second time
  • Take a download at the end of the session to review at a later date
  • Receive a personalized presentation Skill Builder at the end of the session

Practicing Your Presentation Skills in a Small Group: 4 hours for 8 participants
We love to teach this workshop because we see immediate results in the participants’ skills. In this course, we promote an open learning environment that fosters team-building. The workshop typically begins with a brief Speaking for Excellence presentation. Then each participant gives a 3-5 minute talk that is critiqued by the peers in the audience. In between each speaker, the trainer facilitates a discussion and offers additional public speaking skills strategies that apply to the entire audience. We offer a video recording option that can include individual written critiques and other follow-up.

Unlocking the Power of Stories: The Path to Excellence in Presenting 1-2 hours
The best public speakers are usually great storytellers. Are they born with this skill? No. They learned it. You can become a great storyteller by learning their techniques: how to identify your audience’s needs, choose the most appropriate content, organize your ideas, and deliver a compelling story. This course will help you become a more dynamic, influential, and respected speaker. We’ll teach you how to blend content and delivery techniques for a persuasive, powerful message. This workshop features a role play where you will learn essential storytelling skills in a small group setting.

Running an Effective Meeting: 2-4 hours
This course is designed for anyone who plans, leads, or participates in meetings. Learn when to call a meeting, how to plan a meeting for maximum productivity, how to encourage group participation, how communicate ideas and persuade others, and how to prepare and use effective visual aids. We’ll address specific interpersonal and group communication problems and techniques, so that you can deal with differing personalities and personal agendas. One of the most popular parts of this seminar is a role play exercise where participants practice communicating with difficult meeting attendees.

Moderating a Productive Discussion: 2-4 hours
This course is a popular choice for people who want to develop skills as a key opinion and discussion leader. Learn skills to facilitate an active discussion: how to assimilate and cull content, prepare for a diverse audience, and anticipate difficult scenarios. Learn techniques to work with an unknown group: how to meet the goals of the session by staying on topic despite audience digression, encourage all audience members to participate, and identify how and when to intervene. Practice tips to communicate effectively during the discussion: how to identify and meet the audience’s needs while encouraging participation, understand and practice effective delivery techniques and active listening skills, and master the art of non-verbal delivery.

Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch: 1-2 hours
At some point in our careers, we all have to explain what we do. Being able to pull together a thoughtful synopsis of your life’s work can be daunting. When you leave this course, you’ll take with you an elevator pitch: a concise, specific explanation about who you are, what you do, and how it can help your specific listener. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to quickly identify the needs of your listener, select the most relevant information, frame it into the appropriate context, and deliver your ideas in a clear and confident way. This workshop is not just for entrepreneurs; it is an opportunity for anyone to learn how to pull together thoughtful comments on the fly. This workshop features a role play that makes it a great choice for team-building.

Making the Most of Teleconferences and Webinars: 1-2 hours
Teleconferences and webinars are a great way to gather people for a meeting without the travel, but they pose unique communication challenges. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to plan, organize, and facilitate teleconferences and webinars to maximize time and productivity. You’ll also learn how to encourage participant contributions, minimize dominating speakers, and make the most of technology. We’ll review general etiquette for webinars and conference calls and give you tips on how to be a better-prepared participant.

Don’t see what you need? Please contact us to discuss how we can develop a custom course for you or your group.

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