Class Presentation: Barton College Honors Student Allison Dellinger

One of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever done was coach students a Barton College. Dr. Susan Bane invited me to teach communication, writing, and presentation skills to students in the honors course “Nature of Inquiry.”

What a talented group! We put them through rigorous training: videotaping and critiquing their presentations, reading and editing their work, and setting them up in mock meetings. Also during this class, George Loveland, Director of Hackney Library, taught them advanced research skills. These students learned the skills to think critically, research a complex topic, and present findings orally and in writing.

One of the many talented students in this class was a young woman named Allison Dellinger. When asked to present the most important lesson of this class, she presented “The Thing That Scares Me the Most: Being a Grown-Up.”

It was brilliant. I am so proud of how Allison and the rest of these students bloomed into great researchers and communicators.

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