Listen Write Present LLC

Stephanie Roberson Barnard, Greensboro, NC

Managing Partner and Founder

As a communication strategist, Stephanie has over 20 years' experience helping professionals communicate more effectively, so they can get more proposals read, more pitches heard and more products and services sold. She has written everything from new releases to CEO speeches to branding guides; she has presented to every audience imaginable from breast cancer support groups to international conference participants; and she has coached thousands of people from honors undergraduate students to international executives on how to communicate more effectively. 

Our Story

Paul Casella, MFA, Iowa City, IA


Paul was part of Deborah's original group of Bayer consultants and co-author of Writing, Speaking, and Communication Skills for Health Professionals. He is a writer, teacher, editor and producer and works as an adjunct assistant professor and a consultant to the faculty at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. Paul is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Since 1993, he has worked with health professionals to improve the clarity and effectiveness of their manuscripts for publication, formal presentations, grant applications, slides, posters, videos and other media for scientific purposes in the US and Europe. 

Helping you communicate more effectively

Listen Write Present, LLC

Stephanie Roberson Barnard and Deborah St James first met in 1996 when Deborah hired Stephanie as a communication consultant for Bayer Corporation's Writing & Speaking for Excellence series, a value-add training program for health care professionals. During this time, they and a small group of consultants traveled all over the US plus parts of Canada and Mexico teaching physicians and pharmacists how to be better speakers and writers at prestigious hospitals, medical and pharmacy schools and national science meetings. The group co-authored the book, Writing, Speaking, and Communication Skills for Health Professionals (Yale Press 2002), which won two writing awards from the American Medical Writers Association.

When the Bayer training program ended, Deborah moved to NC to work for Grifols. Meanwhile, Stephanie expanded her public relations consulting business to include pharmaceutical and biotech companies and identified the need for a new communication book that better suited that audience. She started writing and eventually contacted her mentor, Deborah, for advice. Deborah jumped in and agreed to be co-author of the primer, Listen. Write. Present.: The Elements for Communicating Science and Technology (Yale Press 2012).

Stephanie and Deborah then launched Listen Write Present, LLC and expanded their consulting business to include professionals from all industries. In 2018, Deborah decided to retire, so Stephanie continues to operate the business from Greensboro, NC.